Locating underground facilities is our core service. Currently we are providing this service for 74 different utility companies. We provide our locating service for telephone, gas, electric, cable TV, water, sewer, and gas exploration . Our services are provided for the utilities in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas who choose to join the partnership to take advantage of the benefits of working together to achieve pricing stability and quality.

GIS/Mapping - New!

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an essential tool for planning, implementing, and/or maintaining facility or print data for utilities and other entities with underground and above-ground facilities to protect. ARKUPS is now offering GIS services to its partners. Using industry standard GIS software and the latest GPS hardware; ARKUPS can provide a variety of GIS services to meet your locating and mapping needs.

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The Strategic Watch and Excavator Assistance Program, or SWEAP, gives our utility partners the option to have our Damage Prevention Specialists (DPS) work on site with the excavator to expose their facility. This provides our partners an extra layer of damage prevention when there is excavation near a high profile facility, or anytime the utility feels the service is necessary.


We provide locating services for non-excavation requests, referred to as surveys. On a survey, we locate the facilities of our partners who agree to pay for their lines to be identified when you are not yet ready to begin excavation, but still need the lines located.

Design Associates

Another survey option is the Design Associate Survey, a service for Project Designers, Engineering, and Survey firms. As a Design Associate Member, you will work directly with ARKUPS in order to expedite the survey request process when the request includes ARKUPS partners. Since no partner approval is required on Design Associate Surveys, our DPS will locate all ARKUPS partner facilities within the scope of the request. Once complete, the cost of the survey will be invoiced to your company.

For information on how to become a Design Associate Member, contact us at 501.328.2565 or click here to send us an email.