A need fulfilled

ARKUPS logo on truckSeveral years ago, utilities began to look for opportunities to outsource the actual location of their underground lines. Thus was born the contract locating business. Several contract locating companies have worked in Arkansas at various times. ARKUPS is the latest, and is expected to be the last, contract locating company to go into business in Arkansas. ARKUPS was created in late 1998 as a wholly owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of Arkansas One-Call System, Inc. (AOC).

ARKUPS was established as a partnership among AOC and several of its member utilities.

What sets ARKUPS apart? It's what we believe.

  • The purpose of underground line location is damage prevention.
  • When damage occurs, the process has failed at some key point. Our goal is to identify the problem and address it so the problem does not reoccur.
  • The goal of damage prevention is best achieved when the excavators, the owners of the underground facilities, the AOC call center, and the damage prevention specialists in the field are working in partnership.
  • Partnership occurs when all the parties are seeking the same end result - a successful work experience, which relies on the prevention of damage. Win-win always trumps lose-lose.
  • It is better business to do a job right the first time than to have to do it twice.
  • A company does not succeed unless its employees are successful.

Meet our Board!

The ARKUPS Board of Directors information is online.

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