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GPS Collection and Mapping

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an essential tool for planning, implementing, and/or maintaining facility or print data for utilities and other entities with underground and above-ground facilities to protect. ARKUPS is now offering GIS services to its partners. Using industry standard GIS software and the latest GPS hardware; ARKUPS can provide a variety of GIS services to meet your locating and mapping needs.

If you are a utility partner with Arkansas 811, our mapping services can provide you with the data necessary to define your service area accurately, eliminating unnecessary tickets. We can provide the data back to you, or directly to Arkansas 811, or both.

Our Services Include:

  • Data Services
    • GPS Collection and map integration
      • We can GPS your above ground and underground facilities with accuracies up to 10 centimeters.* We can perform these services while you have the trench open and the line exposed, or we can locate and paint the lines, like a traditional locate and GPS based on our markings.
    • Paper/Imagery Print Conversion – Digitizing
      • We can take your old paper maps and engineering drawings with your facility data on them and add it to a GPS accurate road map and land base system, providing you with a real-world location of your facilities.
    • Incorporating your business intelligence data into GIS layers on your map
      • Customer data, miscellaneous area data, or anything that is tied to real-world features can be added to your maps.
    • Producing clean and organized Geodatabases
      • We will structure your data into a well-designed and organized geodatabase, or will provide you with the resulting shapefiles, whichever your system requires.
    • GIS Data Storage/Backup
      • We will house all data we collect or create on our servers as your offsite backup. We will provide you with a master copy of your data at the end of the project, as well as at regular intervals during large projects.
  • Cartography
    • High Quality Map Creation and Printing
      • We can create maps in a range of sizes from 8.5”x11” to 44”x36” that are both functional and visually pleasing.


We can output your mapping data to several industry standard formats such as ESRI Shapefile, GeoDatabase, Google Earth, or CAD formats.

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These services can be bundled with mapping, utility locating or various private locating services to meet your requirements. For GIS/Mapping questions contact Bob White.

*10 centimeter accuracy is not available in all situations. Contact us for details.